Sunday, February 28, 2016

You know, it's funny....

As our set list continues to grow, I'm reminded (yet again) that put like minded individuals together, you can have fun again.

Our set list is varied, we have a date for our first show that will be announced soon enough. A few of the songs just "happened" without thought or planning.  This, THIS is what I missed. Spontaneity,  impossible to create and forever looking, this is organic. This is what is needed in music.

We haven't decided how we will handle gigs after this one, one a month, every few months, who knows. What we DO know is this is a one off and this set list won't be repeated. This is truly a once and done for the set, we might change everything and drop all the songs or we may keep it all. But regardless how we go about it, this gig will be unique.

We also have discussed how to introduce ourselves.  You'll have to wait. But not too much longer.


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