Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Thumbs and a total rambling of different stuff.

The Thumbs.

Such a simple name that can be extremely deceiving. Yes we play Rock N' Roll, however we are eclectic in our sound and'll have to come out and see for yourself.

We have our debut show April 29th @ Tubby's in the metropolis known as Duncannon PA.

It is somewhat of a local "all star" band as we are all accomplished musicians (with me having the least notoriety) that have come together to make something new and totally different than what anyone else does in the area.

I'm extremely lucky to be playimg alongside these guys. This lot is by far, the most talented and musically inclined bunch I've been around.

I can tell by the way they are pushing me to improve my playing (and oh jesus, singing too). The more I'm pushed, the more comfortable I am becoming.  Something I haven't felt in, unfortunately for my age, decades.

As the previous two years were stepping stones, I feel that in the words of Ginger, "You got to get through what you have to go through before you get what you want". And this to me is what I've dealt with for two years.

I have no more desire for start/stop or just something to do. Now is the time to do some damage.

One thing I'm not short of is friends and fans that support what I do. It is cool having a fan base that follows me and takes interest in my art.

I still have people ask about my books from time to time.  Maybe one day I'll write a really fucked up novel on the exploits of a fictional band. Maybe I'll name them Spinal Tap....

The great thing about social media is the amount of exposure one can get with a few mouse clicks, also the connections made with others. I never thought I'd have conversations with those I've always looked up to in, ever.

Social media, along with sites like this one have opened up the accessibility in a more direct manner.  In the old times (the 80's and 90's) bands had to print flyers and go and pass them out. That was not a fun time at all, half the time one would drink too much to walk around, let alone pass them out. Now you just put them on whatever site and put it out there. Good thing for that because you pretty much have to beg to get people to out anymore.  I've seen too many good bands have very little in the way of crowds, so when you get a chance, go and see live music. Sometimes the band will be shitty, sometimes not. Just do it once, see what happens. I bet you'll have fun. Plus you will help in the creative aspect that is lacking due to apathetic/missing crowds.

Live music isn't dying, it's the people who won't leave the house that is killing music. Make a musicians day, all you have to do is show up.