Sunday, January 24, 2016

Up to now.

December 2013. I was now two years removed from my last published writng, I felt a need for another outlet for my creativity as fiction wasn't doing it for me any longer.

Being one to fall back on a known subject, and this subject has been in the back of my mind off and on over the years,  I decided (as misguided as possible) to get back into music.

But to mix it up a bit,  I had this fools thought of playing guitar. What the hell, wanted to do something different...yeah, about that.

Thee Damned Gents (4/14-10/14):
After a few months,  I was put into contact with another guitar player that was currently in a band. Didn't matter much to me as long as I got to do what I wanted. So it was an off and on project that ultimately ended in October 2014. Had fun, played an open mic night twice and then it was put to bed permanently.  At some point,  I'm going to revive the name of the project with unrelated players who would be new to the project.

The project, when it clicked, worked well. However,  that was rare as we couldn't be found in the same room on a regular basis. It was discouraging,  reminiscent of the last time I gave music a go (2005?), with a short lived trio called Ultrablue (yes a dated name, I didn't come up with it).  The reason for the failure means nothing to me (hell maybe I was the reason) I just shrug my shoulders and move on.

So that was that,  walk away and move forward. Onwards to 2015!

Established Cover Band (10/15-12/15):
Was in contact with a band that recently lost their bass player and received an invite to try out.

Things went well, gigs were booked and everything was looking ok. Just ok.

The set list was varied,  some songs I've never heard before (seriously,  30+ year old somgs that I didn't know existed).

They played songs that I wouldn't play myself, no big deal,  it's only a song.  There were others that I like (well, 3 total of the entire set list that is) but the biggest impact in this was I realized you have to like what you are playing. I just couldn't get into it as much as I should. So after 2 gigs, I was sent on my way.

I was never a fan of all cover bands, but shit, this area is very cover centric.

So for 2016, tryimg something new with new musicians who are like minded in vision.

Will this new project work out? Don't know,  eventually all will be revealed.

If the first two practices is an indication of what is to come, we may do some damage locally,  and that takes me back to the last time I truly had fun making and writing music,  around 1995.

Depending on my availability,  I may do 2-3 posts a week, one retro and one current.

Stay tuned

Thursday, January 21, 2016


My return...and exit...and return...and exit...again...then my return thus far..

Starting next week I document my adventures in Rock N' Roll from 2014 to present. I'll sprinkle some stuff from 1989 to 1999 in it too (for fun).