Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I am Jay Gent and this is what I do (destiny or not).

It doesn't take long to remember why playing music is so fulfilling.

Coming together with three others to make music is a feeling that cannot be described in any sense. If you play music, you know what I mean, if you haven't...well...sorry for your loss.

It is a feeling that I know I can't replicate with writing or anything else I've done for myself.

This, this is the only thing I've done where I've been accepted. Didn't have to fake who I am, to "fit" in.

From my early days of being a hangers on (before I started playing) to the present new band, I've never really been shunned.

The only other thing that has come close is my wife's roller derby league she's been playing for since 2011. That story would need it's own post.

I truly feel I live in Ginger's world of "I wanna go where the people go" when I'm in a band with like minded and dedicated musicians like me.

We have our first gig scheduled in a bit over two months, the set list is coming together nicely and we are still settling on a name.

All will be revealed soon enough.

Me circa 1998...Sadly I no longer look like that....

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